A furnishing not only beautiful, but functional when you think about furnishing your own home, you immediately imagine a style and an atmosphere in which to recognize yourself.

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Stosa Cucine is a legacy luxury Italian Modular Kitchen brand that has been producing high quality classic and modern kitchens for over 50 years.

Started in 1964 by Maurizio Sani, this Tuscany rooted company has transitioned from a family led small local enterprise to a multinational brand that has now become a point of reference for the entire industry. Over the years, Stosa Cucine has grown with the benefit of constancy and farsightedness, renewing their industrial set up year after year to keep pace with new market trends. 

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Since setting foot in India in 2009 under the leadership of Mr. Ramesh Modi, this inimitable kitchen manufacturer brand has strived to cater to evolving tastes of the Indian culture and improve the quality of time spent in Indian homes. The brand’s aesthetics and ethics have not only garnered international recognition but also become a household favourite, and rightly so!

Stosa believes that the kitchen is the most important space in the house and best represents the family in its various avatars. A firm advocate of creating a project that gets incorporated into all the special moments of a family, Stosa India strives to use individually selected high quality materials and combine design ergonomics and technology for products that shout glamour, functionality and oomph. 

The distinctive characteristics that set each of these Stosa stores a notch above the rest are design flexibility and personalization capabilities. The customers can not only choose from over 30+ models of kitchen, 3 different styles, endless finishes as well as colours and over 300+ colour options and 1000+ combinations but also personalize the components to express their own tastes and personalities. The attention and care paid towards each and every customer personally that walks in is unmatched, a saga long forgotten in this age and time of online window shopping. 

A sustainable and a green, virtuous brand that provides unrivalled kitchen experiences, Stosa Cucine has become synonymous with persistent innovation, outstanding products and high design kitchen bravura throughout the country. 

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Flexibility In Design

Italian kitchens and design

Stosa sees design as one of the best ways to improve people’s lives. Stosa kitchen furniture, solutions and environments help you to enjoy one of your most precious assets: your time at home.

Thorough analysis of the latest trends, a combination of creativity and functionality and a continuous exchange of ideas: Stosa is home to a strong design culture based on rigorous methods and a spirit of innovation. Stosa design is tailored to achieve one key objective: excellence.

As Stosa has grown, the company has become a laboratory for new ways to exploit space and satisfy customers’ needs and desires. Above all, Stosa’s style and functionality make the time you spend at home in the kitchen more enjoyable.

Stosa means flexibility in the design of kitchens and living space: customers can choose from 30 models of kitchen, 1000 finishes, 500 colours and over 100,000 combinations. Stosa’s unique products and solutions deliver a whole new experience in space and style.

Quality, ergonomics, innovation

The excellent quality of Stosa kitchens is the result of a series of virtuous choices, starting with the selection of only the best raw materials and premium fittings. Stosa products are also unique and long-lasting thanks to technical partnerships with leading names in the kitchen sector

Attention to detail and rigorous ergonomics are another two fundamental characteristics and ensure that Stosa’s well-organised, easy-to-clean storage always meets the needs of the user.

Everything that Stosa does is guided by a fundamental value: an intrinsic commitment to innovation. Technical innovation above all: Stosa’s policy of targeted investment has led to the creation of one of the most modern production systems in the business, with a high level of automation, optimised production flows and logistics and, of course, an advanced product development process.

On top of the technical variety, there’s another kind of innovation at Stosa too: innovation in mindset. This can be defined as eagerness to move forward, illuminated management, a propensity for flexible and original decision making, openness to change, regular self-criticism and a continuous commitment to ever more ambitious targets and objectives.

Certified Italian kitchens

Stosa is proud of its Tuscan origins and sees them as a value worth preserving. Tuscany is one of Italy’s best-known regions internationally. A land of centuries-old traditions, Tuscany has gradually transformed its rich history into a driving force for change.

Convinced of the value of these origins, Stosa recognises the importance of true Tuscan craftsmanship and quality materials. “100% Made in Italy” certification is the result of this commitment. From the most classical to the most modern, every Stosa kitchen is designed and made entirely in Italy.


Stosa is committed to respecting people and the environment. Ethics, honesty and sustainability have always been central to our work and form an integral part of our company culture.

In a continuous quest for a better future, Stosa has implemented a series of important strategies targeting environmental sustainability in all activities and processes. Stosa invests heavily in energy efficiency and waste reduction and selects only environmentally friendly materials, including fully traceable wood from responsibly managed forests, guaranteed free from toxic chemicals.

One practical example of Stosa’s commitment to environmental sustainability is the production of biodegradable doors for kitchen solutions that respect nature and satisfy the increasingly specific needs of today’s environmentally aware consumers.

Sustainability means energy saving too. Stosa has constructed a photovoltaic plant capable of producing enough energy to optimise the entire production process, minimise fuel consumption and cut CO2 emissions.

At Stosa, sustainability is a constantly evolving project driven by a commitment to responsibility, reliability and transparency, values that Stosa considers essential to the future of mankind.

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