Evolution System

A furnishing not only beautiful, but functional when you think about furnishing your own home, you immediately imagine a style and an atmosphere in which to recognize yourself.
Evolution System is Stosa’s new, modular design system featuring a plinth of only 8 cm in height for improved storage capacity. Evolution System introduces new finishes for the plinth, groove, L-shaped and diagonal handles, carcasses and display cabinets. The new system also incorporates numerous technical and functional improvements. If you think no kitchen can be big enough, Evolution System is the right choice for you.

Improved looks and functionality

8 cm high plinth

  • More storage space in base cabinets and tall units
  • A more refined look
  • Ideal design for open space environments

Brushed black finish

  • On plinth and groove handles
  • Exclusive, trendy, brushed finish

Taller and deeper base cabinets

  • Increased storage capacity
  • A more compact, linear look
  • Larger, healthier ventilation space

Deeper standard and deep drawers

  • More useful storage capacity even in small spaces
  • New drawer runners for a maximum load of 70 kg

Base cabinets with two internal shelves

  • More efficient use of internal space
  • Better internal organisation
  • Brushed black worktop front cover for more stylish appearance

Deeper worktop, flush with door

  • Worktop flush with door for a more refined, linear design.
  • Larger working surface

Deeper worktop, flush with door

  • Worktop flush with door for a more refined, linear design.
  • Larger working surface

Glass shelves with anthracite frame

  • More stylish interiors
  • Total design look

And much more besides!

Evolution System revolutionises the whole kitchen concept, improving modularity, renewing internal accessories and technical details and offering a far more elegant look.

Evolution System comes in a vast range of finishes, with every model available in a mix of materials and colours. Glass, wood and HPL laminate, matt and gloss lacquer, smooth and textured surfaces, neutral and eye-catching colours add style to taller, deeper cabinets.

Currently available with groove handles in the Natural, Aliant, Frame and Color Trend (link) collections, Evolution System is constantly evolving and adding new options.

Evolution System complements the existing Look System and extends Stosa’s already impressive range of kitchens. Evolution System introduces a whole series of advances in terms of space and functionality to maximise kitchen storage.

Taller and deeper base units

Thanks to Evolution System’s innovative design, the storage capacity of its base cabinets has increased by 20% and that of its wall units by 10%. Tall units are more modular, taller and deeper too and able to house a wide range of flush fitting appliances and prestige finish, pull-out worktops.
Evolution System’s most obvious innovation, a plinth only 8 cm high, increases the storage capacity of base cabinets and tall units. Not just a matter of functionality, the low plinth is also an element of design. Compact and linear looking, Natural is the perfect collection for open-space kitchens.

Taller and deeper base cabinets offer more storage space and more ventilation space. Depth can reach 72 cm, boosting the capacity of standard and deep drawers and providing the perfect solution for smaller kitchens. Storage is far better organised: internal shelves in base cabinets and equipped drawers divide up available space and optimise storage volumes. Worktops finish flush with the doors and offer a larger working area.

The new wall unit depth of 34 cm allows Evolution System kitchens to contain larger items of equipment while new, slender lines create more striking character. Storage boxes let you store ingredients and utensils under the wall units, where they are immediately available.

Even the interiors are designed down to the smallest detail to create a total design look that adds value to your kitchen. Elegant clear glass shelves and internal lighting create fascinating atmospheres, especially in models with glass doors and aluminium frames.

The offering is completed

by a large number of technical and high-design furnishing accessories, like the Fusion hood and Modula bookshelf modules with a brushed black aluminium structure and oak inserts for installation between base cabinets and wall units. 
Then there are solutions for creating a perfectly coordinated look between kitchen and living area. The Palo Alto open bookcase, for example, features oak uprights and shelves and a choice of backs in different finishes. It can even be completed with containers for safer and better organised storage of personal items.

Find out more about how Evolution System fits into Stosa’s vast range of modern kitchens.

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