Where classic and modern designs meet.

Stosa Beverly kitchens. Kitchens in 3 styles: Modern, International and Classic.

A look dedicated to life in urban environments, with rigorous but harmonious lines that find their ultimate expression in dynamic volumes and elegant details. These intimate compositions are ideal for rediscovering familiarity and escaping from the hectic city.

The perfect mood for the modern home. Beauty is achieved by a purposeful contrast between simple lines and precious, traditional details. An elegant mix of refined colours and original finishes permits the creation of eye-catching compositions with an eclectic and creative personality.

The perfect style for an aesthetically fascinating and homely composition. A modern, sophisticated synthesis in a mood that evokes the past but with solutions and design details carefully chosen to satisfy the needs of modern life. Generous common spaces enhance the enjoyment of shared moments and promote harmony between life in the kitchen and relaxation in the living area – the two centres of daily life.

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