The kitchen that makes the difference.

Stosa Dolcevita kitchens. Art and technology united in the creation of a new icon.

Dolcevita is a kitchen of timeless style, in which elegance and classic taste dialogue in perfect harmony. Now it is even more complete and offers a doubly pleasant experience by combining new solutions of international taste with the unmistakable Dolcevita look.

While keeping faith with the canons of classic design, Dolcevita now takes a new approach based on original combinations. This latest, more essential and authentic Dolcevita interpretation is rich in refined details that give the kitchen a contemporary feel and suit a broader public and a constantly evolving international market. The result is a delicate atmosphere that captures the eye through attention to detail, harmonious proportions, a balance of distinctive elements, tasteful forms and an enlightened use of colour. The new Dolcevita creates a uniquely evocative sensation and turns the kitchen into a space for the soul.

This striking kitchen is capable of different forms, looks and expressions. One is richer and more classical, and satisfies customers in search of emphatic decoration; another, more restrained, with simpler though no less attractive details and softer colours, is aimed at a more international, contemporary public who prioritise pure synthesis, essence and form.

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