When romance and nature come together.

Stosa Bolgheri kitchens. Timeless kitchens where style and functionality find harmony.

Harmonious and rich in accessories, Bolgheri kitchens feature a gentle kind of beauty and elegance. This bright and welcoming collection uses the most delicate colours of earth and nature to create a fashionable match for most contemporary furnishing styles. Robust wood, delicate lines and exquisite attention to detail combine to recreate the magical atmosphere of yesteryear.

Every little detail is designed to make your time in the kitchen a real pleasure. If you love originality and sober, measured elegance, this is the kitchen for you. As in the kitchens of time gone by, Bolgheri’s decorative motifs add precious value to niches in the peninsula, the modern kitchen element that optimises space and serves as both snack bar and worktop.

Bolgheri professional kitchens optimise space and blend into the living area, creating original and functional furnishing solutions. Lift-up doors, standard and deep drawers and generous worktops give this model the ability to satisfy all needs.

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