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Stosa Cucine

The Stosa experience is a journey over 60 years through time & space, where heritage meets contemporary design inviting you to be a part of our story – that continues to unfold, enriching lives one kitchen at a time.

​Stosa’s daily endeavors revolve around one clear objective – to contribute to a better life through the provision of high-quality kitchens. Renowned for our innovative designs, precision craftsmanship, and a steadfast commitment to environmental and human well-being, each product embodies our dedication to excellence.


In Piancastagnaio, Tuscany, Italy

The origins of our kitchens traces back to a charming carpentry workshop, a modest haven encompassing a mere 300 sq.m.


Venture into the Italian Finesse

Our chairman MR. RAMESH MODI, explores the essence of Italian charm to Indian homes, reshaping kitchens, furniture, extending to the living spaces.


India’s first in Indore

The origins of our kitchens traces back to a charming carpentry workshop, a modest haven encompassing a mere 300 sq.m.


Unveiling to 10 new cities

Dynamic Duo Extends its Reach with 10 New Stores in India, Elevating the Indian Modular Kitchen Landscape.


Company Vision

“We design products that make customers proud to have chosen Stosa. We create exceptional value for customers and dealers around the world.”

Stosa strives daily to improve the quality of life through excellent products, high design content and a constant commitment to research and development.A forward-looking company with a powerful, easily identifiable brand and a point of reference for the entire kitchen sector: this is the role Stosa has constructed for itself over the years.

Today’s Stosa has strong and lasting partnerships with its dealers and serves customers in over 40 countries worldwide.

Mr. Ramesh Modi

CMD,Stosa India

Mr. Ramesh Modi, a distinguished entrepreneur and industry professional, is a prominent figure in Indore. With a remarkable career span of over 30 years, he has garnered extensive experience in diverse sectors such as stock broking, merchant banking, and trading in lifestyle products and furniture. His unparalleled vision and boundless energy have consistently propelled the company to new heights. Mr. Modi’s passion for his work, unwavering dedication, and growth-oriented vision have played a pivotal role in the diversification of Tristar Decor. This commitment to innovation and excellence has undoubtedly contributed to the company’s success. Beyond his business ventures, Mr. Ramesh Modi has a keen interest in cooking and is renowned for his culinary skills. As a brilliant chef, he not only sells kitchens but also offers customers the opportunity to taste his special dishes by visiting Tristar Decorstores. This unique combination of entrepreneurship and culinary expertise adds a distinctive touch to his professional profile. In addition to his business achievements, Mr. Modi has actively participated in various social allocations. He served as the Ex-Vice Chairman of the IIID chapter in Indore. He has also been associated with 50 other social service organizations, exemplifying his dedication to community service and social welfare. Mr. Ramesh Modi’s accomplishments in sectors like business, culinary arts, and social service reflect his commitment to excellence and dynamic personality.

Mr. Rishbh Modi

Director, Stosa India

Mr. Rishabh Modi, a dynamic modern day leader with a rich tapestry of experiences and achievements that underscore his commitment to excellence and innovation.

​Rishabh’s journey in leadership and sports began at The Daly College, an institution steeped in history of sports and academic excellence since 1870. Rishabh boasts a Bachelor’s in Management Studies from Narsee Monjee College of Commerce & Economics, complemented by a Masters in Innovation & Entrepreneurship from ESADE Business School in Barcelona, Spain.

​A sports aficionado from a young age, Rishabh’s achievements in badminton and cricket have earned him accolades at school, district, and state levels. Rishabh is a powerhouse of intellect and creativity. But it’s his love for sports that truly ignites his spirit. As a standout performer in badminton and cricket, Rishabh has left an indelible mark on the sporting landscape, both as a player and a team owner.

​Yet, Rishabh’s impact extends far beyond the playing field. His passion for social change led him to establish Rah (Reach a Heart), an NGO dedicated to uplifting underprivileged children in Mumbai through education and essential services.

And let’s not forget Rishabh’s leadership acumen. As Co-Convenor and Chapter President of JBN (Junior Business Network) in Indore, he has demonstrated a knack for galvanizing communities and driving meaningful change.

​In a world hungry for inspiration, stands tall as a beacon of hope, leading by example and leaving a legacy of excellence in his wake. Rishabh’s holistic approach to personal growth is evident in his involvement in cultural committees and global initiatives like Round Square, where he fosters collaboration and learning on an international scale.

Crafting Culinary Legacies: 60 Years of Italian Excellence in Kitchen Design

Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Tuscany, Stosa has been crafting exquisite kitchens for over 60 years.

What began as the dream of one visionary individual has blossomed into a legacy of family-driven passion and dedication, shaping spaces that seamlessly blend functionality with timeless beauty.At Stosa, we pride ourselves on more than just creating kitchens; we sculpt experiences. With a commitment to unparalleled quality, we ensure that each kitchen reflects your unique vision for life.

Thoughtful balance of Quality, Ergonomics & Functionality

“Quality and Comfort Unleashed: The Innovative Edge of Stosa” The Quality of Stosa kitchens stems from a series of deliberate choices, beginning with the selection of top-tier raw materials & and premium fittings. The uniqueness and enduring nature of Stosa products is further ensured through strategic partnerships with renowned leaders in the kitchen sector.

Stosa pays close attention to details and follows strict ergonomic & and functional principles to ensure the storage solutions are well-organized, easy to clean, and always cater to its users’ needs.

Bespoke Design & Innovation

elving into the forefront of contemporary trends, Stosa believes in fostering a dynamic design culture, an inherent dedication to innovation, especially in technical aspects. Through strategic investments, Stosa has established one of the most cutting-edge production systems in the industry. This system boasts high automation, streamlined production flows, efficient logistics, and an advanced product development process.

​Stosa places a strong emphasis on innovation, supporting these aspects through investments in cutting-edge production systems and an informed approach to product development. This commitment involves a dedication to originality and an open-minded embrace of new ideas

Certified Craftsmanship Guaranteed"

Stosa adopts ISO 9001 for ongoing innovation and research, vital for future success. Stosa prioritizes keeping employees informed, trained, and actively involved in implementing the Quality Management System.

The Italian Origin Certification affirms that all products and processes align with the established standards of :

  • UNI 11674, all crucial stages in the design, production, & packaging of Stosa furniture take place in Italy.
  • UNI EN 14749, which outlines safety requirements & test methods for domestic storage units and worktops.
  • UNI 11663, adhering to stringent criteria for strength and durability.

Awarded by COSMOB, one of Italy’s foremost test and certification laboratories for wooden furniture, the Furniture of Italian Origin mark solidifies Stosa’s commitment to quality and authenticity.

Stosa is dedicated to research and innovation, with all design, development, and production conducted in Italy. They offer FSC® certified products made from eco-friendly materials, ensuring quality and sustainability.

Environment-conscious solution

At Stosa, sustainability isn’t just a buzzword – it’s a way of life. Rooted in our core values of ethics and honesty, we’re on a mission to redefine what it means to create beautiful spaces with a conscience.

​In our relentless pursuit of a greener future, we’ve revolutionized our practices to prioritize sustainability at every turn. From pioneering energy-efficient solutions to pioneering waste reduction techniques, we’re constantly pushing the boundaries to minimize our environmental footprint.

​We carefully source raw-materials that not only elevate the aesthetics of our products but also uphold our dedication to sustainability. Our wood, carefully harvested from responsibly managed forests, is fully traceable and completely free from harmful chemicals, ensuring a healthier planet for generations to come.

Flexibility & Personalisation

Stosa epitomizes flexibility in crafting kitchens and living spaces, offering customers a diverse array of choices. With 30 distinct kitchen models, 1000 finishes, 500 colors, and over 100,000 possible combinations.

​Stosa empowers customers to tailor their spaces to their unique preferences, redefine the experience of space and style, providing a personalized touch to every home.

​Explore the world of modular kitchen design in Indore with Stosa for a transformative and customized living experience.

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