The kitchen that gives your home a cosmopolitan, international atmosphere

Stosa Newport kitchens. An essential design in which classical style is revisited to match today’s refined tastes.

Noble, traditional wood has found a new, contemporary form of expression in Newport kitchens. Door frames with hidden handles typify the sophisticated personality of this model. Newport kitchens are designed and made for a global public and freely interpret international tastes. A great match for different styles of décor, from the most traditional to the most metropolitan, Newport kitchens feature alternating materials and finishes for a look that is guaranteed to enhance your home.

Newport is a living area as well as a kitchen, thanks to fascinatingly stylish multi-functional elements that combine wooden tops with metal structures to create open spaces that can be equipped with shelves or drawers. Newport’s contemporary elegance, expressed in essential forms and colours, creates a cosmopolitan, creative environment with a truly sophisticated feel.

Newport proposes the natural look of wood in two exclusive variants, Barrique and Avena. Both these stained, brushed oak finishes create truly welcoming, authentic atmospheres. Bianco Alba, Beige Angora and Grigio Pernice are the nuances in which smooth, decapé ash expresses Scandinavian style. All three alternate strikingly with matte lacquers and can be mixed with modern-look finishes to create an environment of decisive personality and Nordic fascination.

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