Minimalist in style, maximalist in personalisation.

Stosa Color Trend kitchens. Lacquered doors transform your kitchen into a creative space where new, personal colour schemes can come to life.

The name ‘Color Trend’ says it all: this unique collection is characterised by smooth finish doors in a wide range of colours for creating single tone or multi-colour kitchens. Striking decorative effects can be achieved by alternating the colours of your kitchen elements. When the furniture speaks in colours, your kitchen expresses its originality to the full.

Personalisation is another key feature of Color Trend. The doors form a continuous surface that becomes a canvas for creativity. Color Trend is sure to satisfy your need for style and functionality whether you prefer the striking effect of different colour combinations or the clean, essential look of a single-tone kitchen.

Color Trend kitchens can be personalised by choosing different accessories and finishes and even by incorporating elements from other collections to create uniquely personal combinations. Color Trend is a truly transversal kitchen and the ultimate expression of Stosa’s flexibility in design. The addition of units from other models of kitchen lets you personalise your domestic space according to needs and preferences.

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